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This is a space of alternative pedagogy, inspired by a phrase of Pierre Rabbi (leader of the Colibris movement in France).

‘What planet are we going to leave to our children and what children will we leave on the planet?’

How can we educate in other way?


Each one of us, parents, educators or simple citizens concerned about the degradation of the educational system, of family crisis and values, you will be able to find clues, references, resources on these pages. 

This BLOG is focused mainly on CHILDREN (in 3 stages) and in 3 spaces:


  • FARM (our pedagogical project) and


We also added a series of documents (and other resources) in the LIBRARY

In the VISION you will see that our purpose is to make our part for a better world. And we hope you join us in this quest with your opinion, your criticism, your part.

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